Drain Cleaning and clogs

Fast Drain Cleaning – Affordable Drain Snaking

Routing or “Snaking” is the process of using a drain cleaning machine to remove and relocate obstructions from lines. Clearing the line of obstructions does not clean the line, since the obstructions remain within the line — only relocated to a different area. This process is still the best way to clear the line.

Causes of Drain Clogs

Obstructions such as grease, hair sludge, and lint are typically found in small diameter lines (1.5-2″) and are present in every home. Roots, grease, and sludge are usually present in larger lines (3″+). These are some of the most common obstructions but are certainly not the only ones.

  • If your sewer lines or drains are not cleaned regularly or properly, they can become clogged or blocked, leading to damage in the line and to the pipes.
  • Un-cleared blockages will hold up the plumbing system and keep it from working as it should. This can also lead to flooding, which will have even more dangerous effects.
  • It is important to schedule drain cleaning not just to fix immediate problems like blocked drains, but also to prevent issues and clear blockages like root growth or mineral buildup.
  • A scheduled drain cleaning or sewer cleaning will keep the pipes, drains, and sewers in good condition and function smoothly.

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